Top efficiency from touchdown to gate

ADB SAFEGATE’s Tower solutions provide all the information that ATC staff need. They ensure that ATC is fully aware of the status of equipment and has full control over aircraft and vehicle positions. Ensuring they have this information at their fingertips helps ATC staff when getting aircraft from touchdown to gate in the most efficient way possible, leading to fewer planes waiting at the gate, at
holding positions, queuing for take-off or circling in the air for landing. Our ATC training offer gives an introduction of the tasks and responsibilities performed at the ATC and the tools used to accomplish this.

​The trainings are usually given in Malmö, Sweden. But can be requested all over the world.

ATC+ 1:
Introduction to Air Traffic Control

ATC+ 1 is a three-day training course illustrating the operational principles of air traffic control. The course is delivered in collaboration with Entry Point North, one of the world’s leading ATC academies. The course is designed to give students a foundation level of knowledge and an understanding of the work of an air traffic controller and the control systems they use for safe aircraft guidance.

ATC+ 2:
Air Traffic Control Product Training

ATC+ 2 is a two-day course that illustrates the different ADB SAFEGATE solutions to improve air traffic control. The course will give a clear understanding of the four major control solutions and their compatibility.

* ATC+ 1 & 2 can be combined during the same week or they can be taken separately.

Air Traffic Control Refreshment Training

This is intended as specialized tailor-made train
ing to refresh the operational and maintenance procedures for each individual airport. The content and duration of the training will depend on the actual installation.