Keep gate operations safe and smooth

Some 80% of airport ramp accidents occur at the gate area. This is no surprise as these are busy, confined areas where aircraft, vehicles and people are in constant motion in all types of weather conditions. Using an A-VDGS and an Apron Management System will increase efficiency, decrease turn-around times and improve safety at the gate. Our GATE-Plus training gives an overview of how to implement these improvements.

​The trainings are usually given in Malmö, Sweden. But can be requested all over the world.

​GATE+ :
A-VDGS & Apron Management Training

This four-day course guides trainees through the actions performed at an apron. It offers a bird’s eye view of how a docking station can influence the actions performed by an aircraft and its handlers on the airport apron  GATE+ provides an understanding of the design, installation, functionality and maintenance procedures of these Advanced Docking Guidance Systems (A-VDGS). The training ends with a focus on SafeControl Apron Management (SAM), a software package used to maximize safety and efficiency on the apron.

GATE Specialist

This course provides specialized maintenance and operational training on ADB SAFEGATE’s gate products and systems. It is tailor-made for trainees and delivered in accordance with international standards as established by ICAO and other national bodies.