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Airport Operations Center

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Location: Munich International Airport - Germany
Duration: 5 days
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Who Should Attend?

The course is designed for newcomers, who possess necessary background knowledge of the AOC as well as for experienced staff, who want to improve their skills and overall job performance though practical application of concepts and best practices, use of methods and systems relevant to the advanced hub operations, and supported by references and similarities drawn between Munich and their home-base airports.

What Is Covered?

Course topics include, but are not limited to, the following:
 Topography of Munich Airport – overview of facilities, facts, figures, systems and operational structures;
 Practical review of the entire collaboration scheme between airport entities, airlines and stakeholders on the example of apron processes;
 Roles specific requirements, responsibilities and attributes needed for an AOC Controller;
 Thorough introduction the Airport Operation Center in MUC combined with site visit;
 Resource allocation, operational irregularities and emergencies;
 Flight data management (ZEBRA, FIDS) and benefits of A-CDM approach;
 Additional use of systems (i.e. SITA, emails, airline interface, Flightradar24, etc.);
 Potential risks and conflict resolutions strategies evolving between airport parties around operational processes and mutual responsibilities;
 Overview of the Hub Operation Center (HOC) at MUC;
 Planning (stands, gates, check-in counters) and reporting procedures;
 Practical work assignments during day- and night shift.


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