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Terminal & Landside Operations

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Location: Munich International Airport - Germany
Duration: 5 days
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Who Should Attend?

The course is designed for both newcomers and experienced airport staff working in various operational functions, who seek to gain in-depth practical insights and relevant knowledge of terminal and landside operations, based on expertise and best practice implemented at one of Europe’s best airports.

What Is Covered?

Course topics include, but are not limited to, the following:
 Overview of airport operations, including topography, layouts, interfaces between terminal and other important functionalities
 Terminal and landside management
 Curbside, baggage trolley and car parks management
 Ground transportation solutions and airport connectivity
 Complete passenger journey (incl. connecting passengers/ transfer process)
 Customer satisfaction and passenger experience (ASQ and additional feedback mechanisms)
 Passenger flows and queue management
 Fundamentals of passenger services and quality standards
 Signage and wayfinding
 Passenger handling procedures
 VIP/CIP services and lounges
 Quality Management
 Passenger and staff screening
 Terminal maintenance, cleaning and waste management
 Importance of retail and commercial offering to the overall passenger satisfaction level
 Terminal evacuation plan and emergency procedures
 Passenger information services (information desk and terminal information management)
 Measuring staff performance (incl. disciplinary actions)
 Building cultural awareness and respect for diversity
 Crisis Management / maintaining Business Continuity
 Communications, Public Relations and advertisement at the airport
 Monitoring and reporting procedures
 Staff access control and flows
 Quarantine, health and wildlife control
 Lost and found process
 Innovation, trends and strategies in Terminal Operations



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